Well hey there, weekend. You sure are lookin' good. I brought you a gift. I brought you the best apps of the week. I hope you like them.

Multi-Platform Updates

Tunnel X


Want to really make sure your private text messages stay private? Tunnel X links its users in a direct, 100-percent private, encrypted conversation. Instead of a regular alphanumeric password, Tunnel X uses an image file as your password, and unlike the email service you probably use, Tunnel X promises they never read the messages sent through the app. It's free, too—proving you can be secure and spendthrift. [Android] [iOS]


Flimo HD


Looking for a way to watch Vimeo vids in HD on your Android? So far, you've been out of luck—Vimeo's official Android app doesn't support HD. Flimo changes that with a slick, handy app that lets you search, like, and comment on Vimeo posts, all in glorious High Definition. [ Free]



Android L is going to be great—when it finally arrives. But thanks to Floatify, you can get Android L's new floating lock screen notifications on your KitKat device, with all the customizable swipe and display settings that the upcoming Android build will offer. The free download lets you use floating notifications for five apps, while a $2 in-app upgrade gives you unlimited notifications. [Free]



Worried that your kids are Instagramming/Snapchatting/Yo-ing instead of studying? Download TimeAway on your device and your kid's, and you can monitor which apps they're using or downloading, set schedules to allow or disallow app access, create time limits, or even block apps entirely—right from your Android device. Best of all, you can hit a button to pause all app access, so nobody's clandestinely Bird Flapping at the dinner table. [ Free]




Keeping track of the stuff your friends post across what seems like ten thousand different social media apps is a pain. Peopls puts your friends' tweets, Facebooks, Google+ posts, and pictures from 500px, Instagram, and Flickr, all in one easy-to-read scrolling feed. It even includes integrations for Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, and GitHub, if your friends are creatively inclined. Never miss an update again! [ $2]



Okay, this is kind of dumb, but in a fun-slash-aggravating way. Ultratext turns your text messages into "GIFs". Well, they're not actual GIFs, they're just brightly colored, flickering, color-changing, annoyingly-large cartoon conversation bubbles. If that's the kind of thing your friends will like (or loathe), it's free—though an in-app purchase will take away the "Made with Ultratext" banner if it bothers you. [Free]

Tempo Smart Calendar


The stock iOS calendar leaves, uh, a little bit to be desired. Tempo's slick interface, integration with email and calendar clients, and natural-language input makes keeping your schedule organized a breeze. Plus, it's got handy integrations that give you directions to your appointments or let you join a conference call with one touch. [ Free]

Windows Phone

BBC iPlayer Radio


This new app makes it easy to stay up-to-date on your favorite BBC programs programmes, whether you're on the British Isles or a couple thousand miles away. You can listen live or go back to programs from the past seven days—just make sure you're on WiFi, or you might blow through your data caps. [Free]

Adobe Photoshop Express


Yes, that's real capital-P Photoshop, from real Adobe, not some knockoff baloney. Tinker around with the cropping, coloring, exposure, contrast, shadows, and more, or throw one of 20 filters on top of your mobile shots. When someone says "that looks 'shopped" about your smartphone pics, you can say proudly, "it sure is!" [Free]