It's the lazy days of summer, and that means lots of time fooling around with your phone. Give it something new with these, the best new apps this week.


reqallable [beta]

Using your phone while you drive is phenomenally dumb, but that constant stream of emails and text doesn't abate just because you're behind the wheel. Reqallable knows when you're driving, thanks to the magic of Bluetooth; it silences the unimportant messages, and reads out loud the most important bits from selected VIPs like your boss or your spouse. You can reply by voice, never taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. It's like having a personal assistant in the passenger seat. [ Free]



This week's Android update to the robust and wonderful camera app adds VSCO Grid, a curated social photo publishing platform that lets you browse photos, follow photographers, and share your own images. And because this is VSCO and images come first, there are no follower counts, comment lists, likes, favorites, or any other garbage popularity contests to get between you and the gorgeous images. [Free]

Android Device Manager


Google snuck a small but significant update into Device Manager this week: Now, the GPS-powered phone locater and remote-locking app lets you set a callback number. If someone finds your phone, they'll be presented with a call button set to dial a number you choose. Hopefully they'll be the conscientious sort and won't ask for ransom, but if they do, the app still lets you remote-wipe your device or set a blaring alarm. I should point out, this service is also available on the web—the app is only needed if you want to remote-lock your device from a different Android device. [Free]


StubHub Music


Ticket sales juggernaut StubHub makes it easy to find live music no matter what U.S., U.K., or Canadian city you're in. Punch in your favorite artists and venues, and it'll help you find the live events you want to see. The app even crawls your music library to discover the artists you like, and suggests similar artists when they're around. Follow your favorite bands, plan your outings with friends, and of course, buy tickets, all from within the app. [Free]



MediaFire's fully-updated iOS app gives you 12GB of free storage for automatic storage of the pictures on your phone, along with your videos, work documents, reading materials, and more. Access them on the go, stream your music or videos (or play them via AirPlay), and easily share files with direct links. It's equally useful for work or play. [Free]

Windows Phone

MovieMaker 8.1


The most full-featured video editor for Windows Phone just got a nice 8.1 update. The app now adds upload support for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and brings a whole spate of editing capabilities so you can be Ken Burns on the go. [$1]