Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

This week we're seeing a lot of updates of existing apps to new shiny iOS 8 alternatives, but the other platforms are getting a lot of love as well. Here's some of the apps you might of missed during the iOS 8 rush.


My Maps


My Maps isn't exactly a new app. It was a much-loved web app (named Maps Engine Lite) that didn't get enough TLC, but Google has given it an overhaul. Now users can add custom icons and more descriptions and images and with the new Android App and can access all these creations on the go. [Free]


Horizon finally comes to Android and aims to abolish one thing—those terrible moments when you find that perfect video online, only to have in playback in....portrait. Of course, the reason this is such a popular vice is because holding a phone in portrait is much more natural than landscape. With only a little sacrifice in quality (more image shake depending on the camera), you can shoot whichever way without worry. [ Free]




Stream takes the entire photographic world of Getty Images and makes it easily (and legally) shareable on any of your iDevices. Using Getty Images' API, the app lets you stream and search images, play slideshows, and set up custom alerts when new images are added. Also, the app is built with iOS 8 and Yosemite in mind so it looks pretty snazzy. [Free]

OneNote for iOS

If you don't have OneNote for iOS yet—now's the time. This week Microsoft updated its stellar note-taking app for Apple devices by adding share extension, hassle-free photo saving, and a bevy other other features. However, you only get all these software goodies if you're completely up to date with iOS 8. [ Free]


Windows Phone

Media Explorer


Storage options seem to multiple everyday. Whether in the cloud or on your local device, Media Explorer tries to being a little order to the chaos by pulling all your file data into one location as well as allowing you to move content among different services. [ Free]



Unfortunately this app isn't available—yet. This is just a reminder to make sure it's on your radar. As we all probably expected, Xbox's Phil Spencer promised that it would be bringing its newest acquisition, Minecraft, to Windows Phone. During the original announcement, there's was no mention of Windows Phone being considered as a possible platform, but Spencer's words say otherwise. With no firm release date yet, all we can say is it's on its way.

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