Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon to play around with your smartphone. Reward that glowing pocket rectangle for its selfless dedication with some fresh new apps!

Multi-Platform Updates

Circa News Wire


Billing itself as the kind of distilled news feed the President might use, Circa's newest update introduces Wire: A personalized daily news brief with the most important bits of news from the stories you're following. Delivered daily with a powerful search feature and breaking news filters, Wire will make sure you stay up to date on the news without drowning in coverage. [Download]




This week's update brings a bunch of advanced editing features to the Android app. Now you can undo, duplicate, or trim video clips; import video of any length from your camera roll and trim it to fit; or mix-and-match different video clips to make them into a single Vine. [Free]



Up until now, the only way you could customize how your Android's volume buttons function was to root your device. Noize changes that, letting you dictate what short presses and long holds from your volume button do based on what app is open. It can even sync volume settings across all apps, or disable your volume buttons entirely if you've got broken or jammed physical buttons on your device. [Free]




Spruce brings acne sufferers the future of telemedicine. Instead of waiting weeks for a dermatologist appointment, simply upload photos of your skin problems. Within 24 hours, a dermatologist in your state will return a complete care plan, with prescriptions sent electronically to your pharmacy. The app is free, and each doctor's visit costs a flat $40. [Free]



Going to the airport is a game of wait-time roulette: Will you catch the fast line, or be stuck standing for hours? MiFlight crowdsources wait times from users at over 50 airports, giving you a heads-up about the lines so you can plan ahead. Download is free, with in-app purchases to unlock terminal maps and other features. [Free]

Windows Phone



Wunderlist's lovely list-making and task-sharing app just got a great round of updates for 8.1. The handy app lets you create and share task lists and project documents, syncing across all your devices and sharing photos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and more. [Free]