Whether you're brandishing a brand new smartphone from a lucrative holiday haul or just looking to add some apps to your tired years-old handset, app developers have been busy through this gift-giving season to pump out some software you're going to want to try. Let's unwrap some apps.




Stichy brings another way to share content on your smartphone. The app creates interactive slideshows that you can share with friends. Once shared, friends can build upon slide shows that you've started and can create whole albums or experiences. It's a neat way to entwine your camera roll with those you care about. [Free for Android and iOS]




Shift is simply fun with filters. The app gives you a huge range of options and editing tools to create the exact filter you want. Shift goes above and beyond popular apps like Instagram when it comes to putting that perfect glaze on your photography, and this app will let you get that exact look you're going for. [Free]




Do you use Facebook's Messenger app? Well, if you chat on Facebook at all on your smartphone the answer is yes. If you'd like to liven up those digital exchanges, Stickered brings the popular Android function to iOS. Now you can litter your images with stickers and various emoji. Just... don't over do it. [Free]



Here is a one-touch solution for letting people know when you've arrived at a meeting, event, or planned gathering. The app taps into your smartphone calendar and contacts every listed under the event (you can also select contacts manually if needed.) The attendees either receive a push notification if they have the app installed or a quick email. Let's eliminate menial group texting if at all possible, please. [Free]

Windows Phone



Tweetium is a much-loved Windows Twitter client that's finally exiting beta and making its way to Windows Phone officially. Many regard Tweetium as the best Twitter app available for WP and this week it received a major update as well, getting new themes, multiple photo upload, and small tweaks to the UI. If you have Tweetium already, the new version won't cost a cent. But if you're a newcomer, you'll need to fork over some cash. [$3]

ParkMe Parking


Releasing in alpha (so expect frequent updates), ParkMe Parking is a database of parking spaces in 500 cities around the world. The app overlays pricing information on a GPS map so you can find the best deal nearest you. The app also has a parking timer so you can avoid outstanding fees. [Free]