It’s starting to feel a lot like spring, which means its the perfect time to stay inside and mess around with some apps. We’ve got smartphone software for finding that next favorite app, mixing that perfect drink, or finding that perfect trip. Let’s get to downloading.


Pixel OFF


Maybe the greatest thing about AMOLED displays is their ability to conserve energy, meaning when a pixel is off—it’s off. Pixel OFF is a simple app that expands on that premise. Essentially, the app will create a grid-like pattern that makes your screen still visible but turns of pixels to conserve energy. You can set this up to be a last-ditch power saving effort or just have it on all the time. When you absolutely don’t have a charger on hand, Pixel OFF can be godsend. [Free]


We all like finding that next great app. If not, I don’t really know why you clicked on this article. AppSlinger is built to feed that insatiable sense of discovery. Fill in what kinds of apps interest you or what you’re looking for, and AppSlinger will recommend apps for you to try, which you can like or dislike.’s the same ole Tinderification of everything, but at least this way you can find a useful app instead of a terrible first date. [Free]


Disposable Camera


Growing up, even when point-and-shoots were affordable and mainstream, I always preferred disposable cameras—and for instant gratification Polaroids—when palling around with my pals. Yeah, it was way less convenient and kind of worse in every single way, but that sense of not immediately knowing what your getting in the form of pixels on a screen was kind of fun. Of course, technology has obliterated the need to go through a package of developed film and see what pops up, and that’s what Disposable Camera is all about. Yes, it’s all on your smartphone, but there’s no preview of the photo and you have a limited number of pictures for each roll. It’s a bit of fun nostalgia when you want more randomness in your life. [Free]



As a budding new drinker at the age of “21,” I was prone to imbibing such fine alcoholic beverages like Bud Light and Bud and PBR. Thankfully, my palate is more refined now, but I could always use some help trying out other fancy drinks I can’t pronounce. Highball is there for you when you’re feeling booze adventurous or you just want to know what the hell a “Boulevardier” is. [Free]

Popcorn Time


So this one is a little different. Popcorn Time, known as the “Netflix for Torrents” is the long-standing, legally dubious free streaming site for all the stuff you want to watch. If you’ve ever wanted Popcorn Time on iOS, you needed to jailbreak your iPhone, which can always be a risk. But now, Popcorn Time has an app you can download right now—no jailbreaking required. Now, this app isn’t in the carefully curated iTunes app store, so you’ll be trusting a third-party app to not mess up your phone. You’ll need a special iOS installer, which is coming in a few weeks, but this will be the first app you’ll want to get. [Read here to install]

Windows Phone

Another Note


Another Note is a note-taking application for Windows Phone, which, as you know, faces huge competition—primarily OneNote. But Another Note, as its name suggests, is another option worth trying out. It has a well-designed interface and is pretty jam-packed with features, including voice dictation in over 35 different languages. [Free]



Tripwolf is a long-respected travel planning app on iOS and Android, and it’s now available for Windows Phone. Get recommendations for roadtrips, walking paths, hotels, and tours. Instead of relying on a bunch of apps to tell you what to do, Tripwolf tries to be the one-stop shop for all wayfaring individuals. [Free]

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