New way to find news? To call your friends? To buy vinyl? Make a video? Every smartphone platform has some big name software additions from Facebook, Rudy Huyn, and Hipstamatic. Let’s check ‘em out.




Discollector is a long awaited Android app for people who subscribe to Discogs, a vinyl marketplace where you can buy and sell records and also keep track of ones you’re looking for. The app is $2 and you need a Discogs account to use any of the apps features, but it’s pretty much the perfect pocket companion for anyone looking for a lively vinyl community on mobile. [$2]


Facebook is trying to conquer your smartphone one app at a time, and now its sights are set on your dialer. This Android-only app basically funnels all of Facebook’s services into the dialer, including information from Facebook for caller ID, the ability to block any number, and restaurant info (for example) is also channeled through the app. And of course, there’s some Messenger integration in-app as well. It’s quite a nifty Swiss Army dialer, that is, if you’re will to put up with Facebook. [Free]




Outlook is the Microsoft-branded Acompli app that’s been languishing in preview for months. Now, the app finally graduates for general availability. That means the stellar Outlook experience you’ve heard about on iOS is now no different than what you’re getting on Android. The app still has the same great in-app calendar and the super easy and stress-free way of getting your inbox down to zero. Now, it’s just better. [Free]




You know Haikus—those wispy-syllable specific poems you probably had to write up in grade school? Now imagine creating the visual equivalent through your iPhone. Hykoo takes three clips—the first two are three second and the last one six second—and lets you overlay text to create visual poetry. The creators argue the app is for the Instagram and Vine crowd who isn’t exactly comfortable putting themselves in front of camera but still want to tell a story. Of course, the clutch feature here is you can easily share via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. [Free]

Hipstamatic DSPO


Hipstamatic has always tapped into the lo-fi old ways of photography and had a successful run until Instagram, laden with filters, pretty much ate its lunch. Now, Hipstamatic is introducing a group photo sharing app called DSPO, which stands for “disposable.” The app is a real time chat platform that purposefully delays publishing your photos to the platform to some preset timer (at least an hour) to recreate that sense of delayed gratification. Annoying for some? Sure. Perfect for others? Most definitely. [ Free]

Windows Phone



6Discover is another Rudy Huyn app that’s a Windows Phone client for Snapchat’s new Discover news reader. It works pretty much like the native Snapchat application and lets you follow certain media outlets and TV channels. The content is updated every 24 hours. I’d be quick on this one, though. It seems Snapchat isn’t too happy it exists. [Free]



I like money. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Unfortunately, I’m fucking terrible with it. I’ve used all kinds of apps to help me out. Maybe this one for Windows Phone users will have a better track record. The app has a super simple layout that lets you track different accounts and log transactions. You can also make reports and create backups so you never lose your data. [Free]