There are lots of relentless forces in this world. The Earth keeps spinning, the Sun keeps spitting out heat supporting all known life, and apps. There are always apps. So at the end of a new week, we have seven days-worth of software that you should be downloading.

New ways to keep organized, new ways to talk with friends, and news ways to become a Jedi. Let’s do this, and may the force be with you.





“So, what do you want to do tonight?” It’s an infuriating question I’ve often been tasked with answering since most of my friends abhor decision-making. This app takes all the nervousness of suggesting some crappy idea out of the equation. Tossup, is a way for friends to suggest a plan and vote to decide where you’re going and when to meet... because no one likes being on the receiving end of a 50-message group chat conversation. [Free - Android and iOS]

Star Wars

“A long time ago... In a galaxy far, far away.” Just kidding, the new Star Wars app is in this galaxy and available for iOS and Android. The app is basically a Swiss army knife of Star Wars nerdery. You can get weather (“80 degrees - feels like Kashyyyk!”), soundboards of all your favorite characters, and of course, a countdown timer to the new Star Wars film (160 days and counting.) If you like Star Wars, download this app. It helps supplement your obsession free of charge. [Free - iOS and Android]





Notifications can be stressful. Constantly flooding your phone from apps that you couldn’t give a shit about. Hooks offers the opportunity to get control of your notifications but also add more nuanced ones so you never miss exactly what you want to know. Essentially, Hooks is just a custom notifications creator that you can set up for anything like when your favorite television show is airing, weather info where you live, and lots of other things. It’s a notification system that you can control, which honestly, is probably way more useful. [Free]



Sometimes I go to the gym juuuuuust enough for it to not make a damn bit of difference. Maybe Streaks can help. Streaks is that extra bit of motivation you need to hopefully get more stuff. It’s basically a way to bring a level of gamification to everyday activities. Have tasks you need to complete? Type them into the app and Streaks keeps track of how long you’re able to stick with your plan. It’s both a motivator and a guilt trip packed into one app... and I could probably use both. [Free]




I like taking notes. I always found it strangely cathartic when in college. “Oh, an important passage? I BETTER HIGHLIGHT IT.” But on the web, keeping track of bits of facts or lovely phrases can be kind of tricky. Liner takes a lot of the clunkiness out of annotation online by giving you ways to highlight the web. And the real seller for me—integration with Evernote. [Free]



Why text when you can rap someone a message... that’s all I got. Try it out. [Free]

Windows Phone


This is one of those apps that I can’t help but think is great in theory but an awkward encounter when used IRL. The idea is that Cityglance is a type of social network for when you use public transportation when commuting. Sounds great, right? But in New York City many people (myself included) usually have murder on the brain when traveling on public transit (also, definitely no internet connection either.) But I support the attempt at making people somewhat less miserable when getting from point A to point B. [Free]


Receipt Tracker


Receipts are the worst. They’re almost always an unnecessary waste of paper (No, I will not be returning this sandwich I’m about to devour, thanks) and needless clutter than makes your wallet or workspace a damn train wreck. But Receipt Tracker can help. This is one of the most well-designed receipt-tracking apps I’ve seen anywhere, let along for Windows Phone, and has the great functionality of separating what you’re spending money on into categories, so you can even get a sense of your spending habits. [Free]