Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

This week is all about Windows 10 (as it should be), but that doesn’t mean mobile operating systems decided to take a weeklong vacation. We’ve got a new launcher from Microsoft, ways to finally get down to business and learn code, and Yahoo’s zombified resurrection of Yahoo Messenger.

Should be fun. Let’s get to it.




Sometimes you say things you regret, or maybe you just want to share some funny picture but don’t necessarily want it clogging up your profile forever. Kaboom helps add a little deletion management to your social media life. Connect to apps like Facebook, Twitter, or just regular old SMS and share content with an expiration date. [Free - Android and iOS]


Couch to 5K

In a world where a sedentary lifestyle is commonplace, it can be hard to find a resource that’s convenient to accurately train up your endurance to fight the overwhelming desire to just keep sitting on the couch. Couch to 5K is great training that’s been available on iOS for awhile, and now it’s finally coming to Android. The app provides a regimen to get you fit and running a 5K in just 8 weeks. Not too many apps out there actually make you feel physically better, so maybe this one is worth some attention. [Free]



Microsoft had a lot going on this week, but amidst all the Windows 10 madness, the app team let loose it’s newest app: a launcher for Android. It’s pretty neat in many ways. Swipe left for access to notes and right for recently used apps, which are arranged by “recent” and “frequent.” The whole idea seems centered on bringing your most used apps only one swipe away. You can’t get through the Google Play just yet, right now you can download the apk for the beta, which means you can also expect a lot of bugginess, but it seems like another great addition to Microsoft’s plan to slowly dominate every aspect of your Android phone. [Free]




I’ve used a couple apps now to learn code, and many of them either have too costly a barrier for entry or is just too confusing too quickly. I’m looking forward to giving Lrn a shot. Instead of hoisting a bunch of technical information into your face, the app teaches code through gamification—mostly mini quizzes. You start with JavaScript but can move onto other languages from there. [Free]


Think of Livetext as soundless video for your texts, which makes it kinda, sorta a more private Periscope or maybe a more visual text app. Either way, it’s worth trying. It works like most texting apps except this app launches your camera when you enter a conversation with someone. The texting functions themselves seem a little basic, and will hopefully mature with age, but for now it seems like a quirky little piece of software worth trying. [Free]


Windows Phone

Perfect Tube


Perfect Thumbs’ name isn’t just a vain pat on the back. The software company legitimately makes worthwhile Windows Phone apps that fills in gaps left by minimal first-party support, and sometimes, even builds a stock functions of apps. This time it’s all about improving YouTube. The Perfect Thumbs team optimized the app for Windows Phone so it’s more friendly for your Microsoft device. Go ahead, give it a try. [Free]

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