Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

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Welcome to another week of apps. Android gets all the cool stuff with an awesome Bing upgrade and your next mobile gaming addiction. iOS is all focused on the camera, and Windows Phone wants to make you more productive. Let’s take a look.



Bing just upped its game in a major way. Much like what Google demoed during Google I/O this year, Bing has included contextual search within its app. So if you’re on webpage for instance, you can long press the home button, and the app will bring up contextual information you might want. So if your Bing search brings up Mad Max: Fury Road, a long press on the home button may show you ratings, reviews, and prices for downloads online. Neat-o. [Free]


Fallout Shelter

We usually don’t post mobile games in our weekly apps (we leave all that up to Kotaku), but I love this game so much I had to point out. Fallout Shelter takes place in the world of Fallout, the popular gaming franchise by Bethesda. In the games, humanity mostly lives in vaults to escape the radioactive wasteland that is the world. Fallout Shelter is a great mobile game that puts you in charge of your own vault. Build your vault, protect from raids, survive. It’s crazy addicting. And now, it’s finally free on Android. [Free]





Smartphone cameras are getting better and better, which means they can capture more frames-per-second with greater accuracy. That’s where Flow will come in handy. The app is designed to stitch together your fast-mo and slow-mo (and also your normal-mo) video into one seamless clip. It also has other editing features so it’s a one-stop shop for making a perfect vid. [Free for now, then $3]

Giphy Cam


GIFs are the language of the entertaining, but creating GIFs, especially original ones, isn’t the most intuitive experience. Giphy, the well-know purveyor of GIFs, wants to make it all easier with its CAM app. As this cute kitten demonstrates, you record a video, ad all the crazy special effects you want, and then export to all your socials. [Free]

Windows Phone



It’s been a long time coming, but Slack is finally available for everyone on Windows Phone. It still holds its (beta) tag but it now seems open for everyone instead of being a closed beta. Slack is quickly becoming the go-to chat app for work and its missing presence on Windows Phone was severely felt. This is a major win for Windows Phone. [Free]



Windows Phone isn’t without a crap-ton of Reddit clients, but if you’re still looking for that right one, then you might want to give Readit a try. You can read and post straight from the app and the black/blue color scheme makes reading easy on the eyes. It’s also completely integrated with Imgur and you can customize themes as you’d like. Give it a shot. [$2]