Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

There are some old and new faces in this week’s app roundup. But all of them have something fresh to add to the lineup. We’ve got a doodling app, an app for your health, and app for finally digitizing old photos, an app for the sports lovers out there, and more. Enjoy!



For those times when you’re sending a message, and text or GIF just won’t do: Inkboard is an app where you draw a picture—or scribble on a photo you took—and then send the doodle to others. The app actually lets you save your masterpieces locally too, so you can really do anything you want after that point. Like post them on a social media site, send them as an MMS text or save the drawing as a contact’s mugshot. The integration with iOS and Android—it’s available for download on both—is pretty flawless and very easy to use. [Free]



If you have a food allergy or you’re trying to eliminate something from your diet, ipiit could end up saving you some time at the store. Right now there are 15 different preferences built into the app that you can choose from, covering common food allergens, preservatives and even additives (like almonds, egg, gluten, lactose and more). While setting up a profile, there are even options for non-GMO, MSG-free and corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup-free diets. Once your profile is finished, all you have to do is scan the barcode of an item and the app will tell you if a food is OK to eat. An ipiit representative said there are about 300,000 products in the app now, but the database is being updated constantly. There’s also a version available on iOS. [Free]


Pic Scanner

The Pic Scanner app recently got a pretty big update to support all the new iPhones out there, but along with that came a full feature demo for up to 12 scans. Meaning now you can take this useful app for a test spin before deciding if it’s worth $2.99. If you’ve ever caught yourself taking photos of old photos or just haven’t gotten around to digitizing that old baby book, you’re probably going to think that price is cheap for what the app offers. You can scan—by taking a photo—up to four individual pictures with one shot. The creators advise only scanning two photos at a time if your camera is only 8MP or less, though. Each of those photos is then cropped (huge time saver) and saved, ready to post or share wherever you want. [Trial/$2.99]




If you consider yourself a sports lover, then Fancred wants to be “your only sports app.” The app’s designed to be its own social network, where everyone present cares deeply about their team(s). What’s unique to Fancred is the ability to live stream natively within in the app, which means you don’t need a blog with thousands of followers or even the backing of a network to air your rant. The app also launched a schedule of exclusive five-minute shows covering teams, personalities, partners and journalists. Plus, it now supports real-time scores. Fancred is also offered on Android, but it’s a bit behind the iOS version’s updates–a representative has said an Android update should be coming out early next year. [Free]

Windows Phone



Swarm for Windows Phone got an update, and if you’re a social person who likes to go places, you’re going to be happy. After getting enough feedback from users, the Windows app will again feature leaderboards and mayorships. The location-based social app is also offered on iOS and Android, making it easy to find friends who use the app no matter which mobile OS they prefer. [Free]



The Bing search engine has a new image every day–similar to the way Google treats its doodles. If you actually use Bing for searching and you tend spend a couple seconds staring at the main image, DailyPic is worth taking for a spin. This app lets you take an even closer look at Bing’s pic of day and then lets you download it in high-resolution, while also getting more info on the photographer and the photo itself. [Free]

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