Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

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If you were hoping for a bunch of apps to help make Thanksgiving a little more fun, sorry — that was the “theme” last week. This week there are a few apps to help you out with issues like not-so-unlimited data from your mobile provider, needing to pull together advanced digital sketches without the use of a laptop and making more storage space on your phone.


Opera Max

This year we learned that paying for unlimited data on a cell plan might not actually mean that you get an unlimited amount of data. Opera, better known for its web browsers, has an app that helps with this dilemma, though. Opera Max is a data-management and data-savings tool that recently got an update to include support for some music apps. The point of the app is to help save its users’ bandwidth — by compressing the size of a downloaded file — and it claims to do so by as much as 50 percent. Right now the only music streaming apps that are supported are Pandora, Slacker Radio, Gaana, Saavn, and YouTube Music but the developers are planning to support more soon. (Free)


Soundcloud Pulse


Soundcloud released a new app earlier this month that’s specifically for the creators of its main site. It’s called Soundcloud Pulse and it makes tasks like sharing, tracking the popularity of your work and responding to comments a little easier — because you don’t have to make a trip to the desktop site. The developers are also promising updates soon that will let Pulse users upload new tracks directly from a phone and edit track info. There’s no word on when those and other updates are headed to the app though. (Free)


Morpholio Trace


Even though this app will work on iPhones and iPads alike, it’ll likely perform the best on the iPad Pro’s gigantic screen (the tablet’s extra power makes a difference—a stylus helps too). Morpholio Trace was made with architects, designers and creative types in mind. You can create anything from a simple sketch to a complex building design, layers and all. To do more than just doodle with the app you’ll probably have to invest in a few in-app purchases. Luckily you can try it out at no cost and at least see if it’s the right drawing program for you. To hear some architect testimonials, watch this video. (Free)


If you’re a big fan of Instagram, ListaPost would like to help enhance that experience. Instead of screen-grabbing things you’re inspired by on the site you can save them to ListaPost in a very Pinterest-like way. The ListaPost app saves posts found on Instagram and lets you organize them in a way that’s helpful to you. The developers made the app so that any posts you organize into a list aren’t downloaded to your phone — so you won’t have a cluttered photo library or be wasting space on your handset. ListaPost is also available for Android. (Free)


Windows Phone


You can already do a lot with a GoPro camera, but with the camera’s companion app you can do way more. For instance, you get full remote control of all a camera’s functions. Start and stop recording, take a still image or even adjust settings. You can also view photos and playback videos that were just shot. And if you’re in a sharing mood, having the app installed helps cut the time down from when media is first shot to when it’s uploaded to Instagram, Facebook or just sent in a text or email — because all that sharing can be done from the app. If your GoPro is getting full of media, you can also use the app for managing storage. Check to see if your GoPro camera and Phone model are supported here. (Free)


Storage Cleaner Pro


Our phones accumulate a lot of junk when they’re used every day — and they are — so, here’s an app that can help make things tidy again. Storage Cleaner Pro helps users clean up files that aren’t necessary (cached and temporary files, for example). The app also helps find duplicate photos, compress the images you want to keep and detect large files that maybe don’t need to be there. (Free)