There's a cruel chill in the air. The clocks have changed. It seems like it's already dark out by lunch time. But never fear — the warming glow of your smartphone is always there. Build a blanket fort and hunker down til springtime with our favorite new apps. No, I will not end this with a "winter is coming" joke.

Multi-Platform Updates

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Companion App for Android/iOS/WP

The new COD is here, and with it a new companion app. Ghosts' Clan Chat gives an off-screen communication and notification channel, alongside member stats, weapons and equipment choices. Finally, COD Clan Wars is an in-app turf war with in-game bonuses useful in multiplayer mode. [Android, iOS, Windows Phone]



This week's update to the handy no-tap-typing app brings multiple keyboard layouts, including mini keyboards for big screens and landscape mode for small ones. It's also got continuous dictation, and new multi-language support that lets you type bilingually from the same keyboard. [$4]

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Originally limited to Australia at launch, this pixely Tiny-Tower-in-a-galaxy-far-far-away has you build your own Death Star, capture rebel spies, and aid the Empire's underground plots. [Free]

Google Opinion Rewards

Consider yourself a Google power user? Why not earn Google Play credits for sharing your super-important opinions? Google Consumer Surveys will ping you with a few questions once a week, and pay you in Play Store credits you can blow on apps, music, or whatever. While the questions are pretty straightforward (which logo do you like best?), the bounty is only available for US customers. [Free]

Chipotle Mobile Ordering

This order-ahead app has been in certain cities for awhile, but this week's update lets you order from any Chipotle. Find your nearest location, punch in your order (custom substitutions included), pay with credit or gift card, and then let this baby navigate you to tasty burrito satisfaction. [Free]



One night of Quizzo in an empty bar will convince you, trivia games are better with lots of players. QuizUp pits minds of minutae around the world against each other with over 100,000 questions in 250 topics. If you run through them all, you can even submit topics and questions of your own. You big showoff. [Free]


Comcast's huge update now lets XFINITY subscribers watch a streaming feed of live TV — great for catching the big game when you're not at home. It also lets you stream premium content, and download shows and movies from certain channels for offline viewing, so no matter what you're doing, you'll be half-distracted by TV. [Free]


Looking for a fun way to kill four hours? Mosey has you covered, whether you're traveling the world or stuck in your hometown. Pick the neighborhood you're in and the kind of stuff you want to do, and Mosey gives you an afternoon itinerary of places and things to check out. Add your favorite hotspots and insider tips, and get to jaunting. [Free]


Our favorite athletic tracking app just got updated to take advantage of the iPhone 5S's M7 chip. When enabled, Pocket Track mode automatically detects and records 15-minute-or-longer walks, while new AirDrop support lets you share workout plans and follow friends' tracker activity. A new stride rate chart alongside elevation and pace rounds out the updates. [Free]

Windows Phone


Make photo mashups with a few finger-swipes using InstaBlender. With 15 blend patterns, 30 filters (stackable, unlike Instagram where you can only choose one), color adjustments and a text editor, you can make all kinds of crazy collaborations. And with high-res 1200x1200 export, you can share them to social media without turning them into a blurry, mushy mess. [Free]


Like an Instagram plugin for your phone, PicFeed lets you subscribe to Instagrammers to create a curated photo feed on your phone. Pick a stock feed, or create one of your own, and discover the great stuff out there — and since the feeds you create don't add to your "follow" list, you can go crazy without cluttering up your Instagram profile. [Free]


Give the front page of the internet a Live Tile on your phone. With an elegant interface, integrated album browsing, and the ability to pin your favorite Subreddits to the start screen, all the weird/strange/wonderful/really bizarre corners of the internet will never be further than your pocket. [$2]