If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, no doubt you're feeling a little overstuffed and loaded down today. Give your smartphone the same feeling by downloading some sweet new apps. And since today is Brown Friday, these apps will give you something to do while you're warming up the royal throne.

Multi-Platform Updates

Showtime Anytime

Newly revamped for Android and iOS, Showtime Anytime lets subscribers on most of the big cable networks watch unlimited Showtime on-demand programming on any device. Even better, the free app lets you watch live Showtime programming on either East or West Coast schedule. [Android] [iOS]



Amazon's shopping app now lets you browse any of Amazon's worldwide sites. With a barcode scanner that lets you sneakily compare prices between Amazon and your brick-and-mortar store, easy in-app purchasing, and even a button to call Amazon's customer service hotline, this app brings the Everything Store right to your pocket. [Free]


Knowledge should be free, right? Duolingo sticks to that ideal with a cost-free and ad-free language learning tool that's just been completely revamped. Teaching you Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English in a fun, game-based way, the newest app has smoother graphics and, at 5MB, takes up 1/3rd the space of the old version. [Free]


If you're on a device that hasn't gotten Android 4.4 KitKat just yet, you probably can't swipe your audio controls into a fullscreen game or app. SidePlayer gives you an easy-to-access toolbar to adjust volume, pause or change tracks on a variety of music players. Upgrade to the Pro Version for $1.75 t0 unlock custom positioning and animation. [Free]

Doctor Who: Legacy

Hot on the heels of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, this adventure game lets you pick your favorite Doctor, companions and allies to fight enemies from episodes spanning all 50 years. Tiny Rebel Games promises daily character and episode updates through December, so hop in your TARDIS and start adventuring! [Free]



Time lapses are a ton of fun, but the best ones are the most painstakingly crafted labors of love. TimeShutter makes it easy with tools to help you align, crop and overlay frames with a few finger swipes. You can even export the final product in video or GIF format, so nobody will be without your time-bending genius. [Free]

Reeder 2

Reeder's handy client for newsfeeds including Feedbin, Feedly and Readability updates with new themes, an expanded list of sharing services and smoother, cleaner navigation. With new ways to sort subscriptions and the ability to work with your Safari Reading List, Reeder makes sure you'll never be without something interesting to read. [$5]

Tweetbot 3

Beloved among diehard tweeters, Tweetbot updated this week with a new Night Theme that manually or automatically switches for low light reading. Version 3.2 also brings easy, single-swipe account switching for those with multiple Twitter personalities, and the iOS 7 design looks as good as ever. [$3]


Sort of like Yelp for outdoor adventuring, Yonder helps you find great places to hike, kayak, camp, mountain bike and more, with geolocated images and videos chronicling over 20,000 destinations worldwide. The complete iOS 7 redesign gives slick, streamlined design, and the social side lets you follow the activities of fellow outdoor enthusiasts and shares directly to Facebook and Twitter. [Free]

Windows Phone


This sharp looking Snapchat app for WP does all the things you expect from Snapchat, sending self-destructing pics and videos to friends and letting you build a storyline. It also adds a fun live tile to your screen, and takes great advantage of Windows Phone's photo muscle. [Free]

Super 8

The Start menu is a hallmark Windows feature, and Super 8 brings it to your Windows Phone. When you've got quick one-touch access to your apps, tools and settings, you'll spend less time swiping around your live tiles and more time doing whatever else it is you do with your phone. [Free]


Lockmix brings livetile-style widget buttons to your lock screen. You can arrange, resize and configure the widgets the same way you do on your start screen, and they'll automatically update with new info. With an ever-expanding list of widgets, you can customize your lock screen to your heart's content. [Free]