Our Favorite Kotaku Posts of the Week

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While we've been working hard all week, Kotaku's been writing about video games. The nerve! Here are our favorite Kotaku posts from the week:

8-Bit Movie Games We Wish Existed
The Great Chain Interview
Kotaku makes execs ask competing execs questions.
Nintendo Explains How MotionPlus Thing Go Into Remote Thing


Will Wright Talks Team Building
Recruitment advice from one of gaming's most successful designers.
Fan-Made iPhone Wallpapers Look Familiar
Microsoft's John Schappert Leaves Msoft For EA, Not Being Replaced
We just talked to Schappert at E3. Now EA has poached Microsoft management talent again.


Does Ghostbusters: The Video Game Look Better On Xbox 360?
Spoiler: Xbox 360
Olivia Munn's Playboy Cover Looks Like This
Spoiler: Clothed
Mario Gets Played Off By The Keyboard Cat