Our Favorite Kotaku Posts of the Week

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As a Friday treat, I'm going to load up some Magic: The Gathering on XBLA and curse that the deck customization is gimped. But what has Kotaku been up to all week?

Angelina Jolie Annoyed Megan Fox Might Be Lara Croft
The best part is what Angelina's dad says.
Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview: A Thinker's Brawling Game
Tiger Redeems Himself On Late Night...Sort Of


Mass Effect iPhone Spinoff Launches
The PSPgo Is Expensive Because, Well, "There Is A Certain Premium"
It's new.
Sony Encouraging Non-Gaming Apps On The PSPgo


When Robot Chicken Meets Video Games
A rare look inside the dementia of Robot Chicken.
Industry Figures Share Michael Jackson Memories, From E3 To Neverland
Kotaku Bureau of Weights & Measures Studies Fallout, Physics, Also Beer