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Let's face it, until we're holding one in our very own hands, lightsabers will never get old. And on a side note, and what's going on with Bioware's new Star Wars MMO?

All Things BioWare: Answers From The RPG Powerhouse About Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars And More
I <3 Bioware.
Contra vs. Duck Hunt
The Making of a Piranha Plant


Lucasarts Packs Hit Steam, Direct2Drive
Uncharted 2 Can Tweet For You
But does Uncharted 2 tell everyone what I had for dinner?
Borderlands Is An Exhilarating But Oddly Hollow Experience

Oh, So There IS A Singstar: Beatles...Sort Of...
Club Sega, "An Adult Game Center"
What happened to good old, family-friendly Sonic?
WET Review: Swords, Guns and Flawed Fun
The Wet commercials are so shamelessly geared toward my demographic I'm embarrassed. And interested.


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