Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

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It's been a pretty prolific week over at Lifehacker, and their best posts include ones that show you how to make your desktop look nice, your desk look clean and your room look snazzy.


Make your desktop look like a notebook
Now everyone can use offline Google calendar
Virtually size up glasses for your face, which saves time at the optometrist


Have a lot of monitors? Here's how you take care of all those wires
What's the best home server software?
Stop Firefox from being Firepig with memory

Turn a sharpie into an eye gouger
My Apartment Map can find cheap places in your neighborhood
Something about taxes!


Oooh it's a virtual Ikea room planner
Find tire leaks with watery soap (or soapy water)
The desktop within a desktop


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I see the light. It burns!

In the Ikea room planner, they should put how many moves the furniture will survive.