Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

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This week Lifehacker instructs on how to be a cheap bastard that uses a duct tape wallet, how to make your Linux machine like a Mac, how to diagnose network health and how to make your desktop look like that.

StandaloneStack for Windows
Make a duct tape wallet to match your duct tape pants, duct tape shirt and duct tape underoos. What, don't use duct tape for clothing? Then why would you use a duct tape wallet?
This Nexus dock for Windows has Leopard-esque effects


Lifehacker's Firefox addon pack
Use Netalyzer to see your network health
Change your Windows 7 logon button set

Turn your old CDs into a DIY iPod dock
Give your Linux a Mac look. Very useful if you're envious of OS X but don't want to give up the privilege of spending hours looking for the correct drivers for things
Lifehacker's food week roundup


Set up a high speed photography studio in your garage
Google Wave Q&A
The Starlight desktop