This week Lifehacker has some KFC mimicry, some trick to make free outgoing calls and some very nice wallpapers.

Gmail now helps you unsubscribe, automatically, from mailing lists - Woo!
Get rid of pit stains
Find the best and cheapest (of course, cause this is Lifehacker) parking


Some Firefox 4.0 design mockups. They even consider tabs on top, like Chrome, but I doubt they'll implement this since Chrome got rid of them.
How to make KFC at home. Spoiler: You need a deep fryer.
Use Gizmo5 to make free outgoing Google Voice calls

How to highlight text like a keyboard ninja. I think they use the term ninja loosely, unless ninja now means "man who gets out of breath after going outside to get the mail."
Firefox's 3.7 theme looks nice
Would sir like some Ocean wallpapers?


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