Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

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This week the 'hack has burglary tips, BSOD tips, a few Gmail tips and a way to make a cheap tilt-shift lens with toilet parts.

BlueScreenView troubleshoots your blue screen of death. Displays your last BSOD so you can Google for a solution
Firefox's director talks about Firefox and Chrome
How to block ads in Gmail with a simple signature. (Or you can just use a Firefox plugin and block that part of the page)


A burglar's advice on hiding money
Google Chrome is going to get cloud-based synchronization
Five best PDF readers


Make a cheap tilt-shift lens with plumbing parts
Top 10 hardware fixes and upgrades
Gmail removes "oh behalf of" for good


Bypass cellphone voicemail instructions—all of them—with one key combo
The computer cabinet office