Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

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This week in Lifehacker, we've got a fix for lousy Windows menus, a better dock for your mouse, proof that not moving around is bad for you and a revelation that you're probably tying your shoes wrong.


ShellMenuNew cleans up that "new" menu in Windows (About time)
Add Chrome-like incognito mode to Firefox
Keeping your muscles inactive for too long hurts your health, regardless if you exercise (Nooooo!!)

Circle dock gives you shortcuts centered around your mouse
Believing you can be smarter makes you smarter
The best tech tools to keep in touch

The world's most boring video teaches you how to tie your shoes correctly
Make a minimalist desktop for productivity
Make a PDF from any URL



This is embarrasing. I have no shoes that need tying.

I cant even remember the last time I tied some shoelaces.