John Oliver Explains Why the Internet Sucks For Women

“Congratulations on your white penis — because if you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience of the internet,” explained Jon Oliver on last night’s Last Week Tonight. And in this 15-minute video, he explains why that’s the case.

With his usual combination of brutal honestly and biting satire, he explores online harrasment, revernge porn and the ways in which it generally sucks to be a woman online. It’s well worth watching and absorbing—espeically if you have a white penis.

[Last Week Tonight]

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Zelda did it!

Out of curiousity: How many guys get threatened on the internet, but do not tell about it on the internet? It seems this is the new physical rape, where men either don’t dare to talk about it or where it’s just laughed away as “nice” or “at least you had sex”.

Not saying it’s not horrible that this is happening, but I just can’t imagine it not happening to guys.

Edit: First thing that pops into my mind is swatting, which has happened to a lot of (live-streaming) gamers.