Paramount+ Will Have a New Movie Every Week, Including Mark Wahlberg's Infinite

Mark Wahlberg’s new sci-fi movie Infinite is going to streaming.
Mark Wahlberg’s new sci-fi movie Infinite is going to streaming.
Photo: Paramount

New sci-fi movie Infinite—starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Antoine Fuqua—is coming out a few months ahead of schedule, but you won’t see it in theaters. Paramount just announced that the film, most recently scheduled for release in September, will now debut on Paramount+ sometime in June.


Infinite’s release is part of the company’s new focus on the streaming service, with the aim to have a new movie on the service every single week. Deadline broke the news.

Infinite is based on the book The Reincarnationist Papers by D. Eric Maikranz and sounds a little like Netflix’s The Old Guard, which starred Charlize Theron. Both are about a group of superhuman beings fighting evil across the generations—but in Infinite, the beings aren’t exactly immortal. Instead they die and are reborn with all their memories and skills intact. So when one man (Wahlberg) starts to realize he has all these memories and skills he doesn’t remember having, he’s visited by others like him to recruit him back into their group.

It’s a cool concept with a great director and cast (it co-stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jason Mantzoukas, Rupert Friend, Toby Jones, and Dylan O’Brien), so it’s obviously a little disappointing the film won’t make it to theaters. But if Paramount does want to draw people to its service, it knows original content is the way to go.

As for the movie-a-week goal, it’ll include some of Paramount’s theatrical releases (such as A Quiet Place Part II, Top Gun: Maverick, G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes) in the previously announced shorter window, as well as original films from its other companies like Nickelodeon.

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Killa K

At this point, are movies what really draw people to streaming services? I feel like we’ve collectively accepted that TV series are the “killer apps” for streaming services. A new movie every week is nice and all, but hardly feels like “must sign up!” content in 2021.

I’m sure Disney could pull it off, but Paramount?