Whelp, pack it up Internet. The day has come where Funko announces its dominion over the collectables world - or I guess that day will come in 2015, when this wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation Pop Vinyls go on sale.

This isn't Funko's first foray into the Star Trek franchise - they've released TOS Pops before - but given TNG's widespread fanbase, these little guys will definitely have people excited (personally, I'll just sit and wait for whenever Funko gets round to a Garak Pop Vinyl). The wave features the most adorable Locutus of Borg above, as well as Picard, Riker, Troi, Worf, Geordi, Data and a generic Klingon. Check them all out below:

I'm struggling to think of a big franchise Funko don't have at this point. They really are the Borg of vinyl toys - well, they're a lot cuter than the Borg (I dunno, that Locutus is pretty damn cute), but just as pervasive. These TNG Pops will be out in March of next year, for around $10 each.

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