What Tech Do You Take on Vacation and What Do You Leave at Home?

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I'm about to go on a vacation and I'm thinking about leaving all of my gadgets behind, save for my iPhone. When you take a vacay, what do you take with you, and what do you purposely leave home?


We've asked you before how active you are on social media when you're vacationing, but what about cutting out the option and not packing the necessary tools? Then you have no excuse not to finally read Lord of the Rings and catch up on sleep because you can't binge on the Sopranos instead. A gadget-free week might help you in the sanity department—maybe you'll come out the other end a functional, coherent human being for once. Or maybe it'll cause you deep, existential panic. What do you think?

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Phone. That's it. I might bring an eReader and a camera but odds are good they'll stay in the bag.

My biggest complaint with tech is it takes you out of the moment. Framing the perfect shot, while advertising that you had a great vacation, also means you're too busy framing the perfect shot of the setting sun rather than say, enjoying the setting sun. I know there's a balance there somewhere but I really just enjoy to be in the moment when I vacation. I will take my phone with me everywhere but it's really only there as a security blanket and not as a means to check up on facebook or see what Leslie Horn articles have been written for Gizmodo today.

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