Photographing Zoo Creatures is Adorably Difficult

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It’s a wildlife photographer’s dream job: for the past several years, Joel Sartore has been collaborating with National Geographic on Photo Ark, an ambitious effort to shoot portraits of the world’s 12,000 captive animal species to raise awareness of the current extinction crisis.

But when work entails trying to convince boas and bald eagles to pose just so for the camera, you run into some....difficulties. Dream job or no, this man’s work takes a special kind of patience.

National Geographic put together a highlight reel.

[YouTube via PetaPixel]

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So great to see this! I live in Lincoln, NE and the photography Joel has done at our Lincoln Children’s Zoo has been great. We actually have a really good zoo here, but compared to the Henry Dorley Zoo up in Omaha the Lincoln zoo is tiddly winks. Still, I take my 3 year old daughter to it almost 3 times a week. It’s a good way to burn an hour.