27 More Things Hiding In New York City's Secret Tunnels

In honor of the rediscovery of New York City's long-lost cow tunnels, we asked you to photoshop up some other goodies that might be hiding right beneath our feet. A lot of them involved poop.

But surprising as it may be, our winner this week is entirely fecal free. Please say congratulations to Orion who made some masterful work, proving that the best way does not necessarily have to be the GIF way!


The rest of our lucky runners up lie below, and if that does not include you, dry those tears. You will have another chance to bring honor back to your family's name tomorrow. Godspeed.

By Wes Beale

By gmuslera

By Team Live Badass

By iain010100

Photoshop Contest: What Else Is Hiding in New York City's Tunnels?

You may have read about the lost cow tunnels of New York City yesterday. And if you haven't, you should! It's a great story—and the subject of this week's photo challenge.

Now that everyone's caught up, you know that New York City may or may not be home to an elaborate network of underground tunnels for quick cattle herding. But cows aren't the only ones to have potentially mythical tales of living in NYC's underground; there's plenty more where that came from. Why, take rat kings for instance. And mole people. And even the occasional mutant ninja turtle.


So use your imagination, and show us what might be hiding right underneath our feet. And you'll notice in our example above (crafted by our own Nick Stango) that everyone's favorite avatar has already been used. Sorry guys, but Eric Limer's mug is out of commission for this round, because I know there's something better up your sleeve. I believe in you.

The original image is down below for you to use at your leisure. Submissions will be graded on originality, technique, and laffs; you'll have from now until 11:59PM this coming Tuesday, November 5 to submit your entries down below. We'll announce the lucky winners that Wednesday. And until then, best of luck to you all.