23 iPhone Shipping Crates Filled With Anything But iPhones

Earlier in the week, we got a (supposed) glimpse inside one of the many iPhone 6-laden cargo planes that just finished making its way across the Pacific. But since you can't actually see any iPhones in the original photo, we asked you to fill in the blanks. These are your champions.

First place above goes to none other than kflebeda for managing to be both clever and non-wildly offensive. Something that is, apparently, quite a feat. Our lucky runners-up lie below, and you can check out all the entries in their entirety down in the comments below.


And remember, even if you didn't come in first place this time, you're all winners in my book. Except for the ones that lost.

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And just as a reminder that sometimes the simple way is often the best way:


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Photoshop Contest: What's Apple Really Shipping in Those iPhone Crates?

Earlier today, we got a glimpse inside one of the planes carrying hundreds of thousands of shiny new smartphones all the way across the Pacific, straight into our greedy little fingers. But—can we ever really know what's hiding beneath those giant tarps? Yep! Because you're going to tell us.

A giant stack of U2 albums? Grieving clickwheel fans getting ready for sabotage? That, dear readers, is entirely up to you. Your blank slates lie below.


Leave your entries down in Kinja below by the end of the day this coming Thursday, at which point we'll announce our victors. And may the best fake iPhone cargo win.