21 Photos of the Fox News Team Abusing Their Giant iPad Privileges

Last week, the internet was delighted and puzzled by Shep Smith's introduction of the Fox News Rooms' bizarre, jumbo-sized tablets, so naturally, we asked you to do a little investigative work and find out what was really going on.

Friends, you did not disappoint. Fair and balanced though they may be, the Fox News Team apparently lends themselves well to being subjected to hilarious (and creative!) photoshopping.


Our winner this week, though, due to a combination of skill and cleverness is a one Kyle Carter. The artist's statement, in his own words:

Turns out Fox News were just using a normal sized iPad. Also explains why their broadcasts feel 2d.


The honorable mentions lie below, and come back the same time tomorrow for a chance to regain your Photoshop honor.

By Team Live Badass


By Bobsuruncle

By Chris-Mills


By phenomejohn

By Hollow_Log


By jeebus

Photoshop Contest: What's Fox News Really Using Those Giant Tablets For?

If you've spent any time on the internet this week, there's a good chance you've heard about Fox News' newest acquisition—a herd of fun-sized jumbotrons that finally let you touch a single tweet with your whole hand. And they said the American Dream was dead.

Of course, the addition of these stolen Brobdingnagian Etch A Sketch's has left a lot of questions floating around everyone's head. Why has the text been scaled up to completely defeat the purpose of having a larger surface area? Why couldn't you browse Twitter on a human-sized screen? What if someone has tiny hands? And most importantly, what in Bill O'Reilly's name are you actually going to be using these for?


For now, that part is up to you. This week's challenge is to tell us what you think Shep Smith and Fox's Funky Bunch will be using their brand new giant toys for.

Submissions will be graded on originality, technique, and laffs; you'll have from now until 11:59PM this coming Tuesday, October 15 to submit your entry in Kinja down below. We'll announce the lucky winners that Wednesday. And until then, best of luck to you all.