35 Bizarre and Uncomfortable Reasons Jeff Bezos Is Smiling

Last week, we asked you to show us why Jeff Bezos was smiling. And boy does he have a lot to smile about.

Surprisingly, almost all of you kept things pretty PG! Didn't even know you had it in ya. Of course, some of the entries were a tad—er, disturbing. But true art is supposed to challenge you, after all, so kudos all around.

There was, however, one star that shined particularly bright, and that was the work of a one macmixing, which you can see above. Our ever-so-honorable mentions lie below, and you can check out the entries in their entirety in the comments of the original post. Don't be too hard on yourself if you didn't get a mention, though; you'll have another chance to show your stuff come 4pm today. So stay tuned.


By Tiroles


By bradthedesigner2


By Sanctuaire


By MasterBates


By Hank S. Christy

Photoshop Contest: Why Is Jeff Bezos Smiling?

Another week, another photoshop contest. And what will you be manipulating for the sake of Art this time? Why, none other than Mr. Amazon-Blue-Origin-Washington-Post himself. And lucky for you, last night's new Kindles afforded us the delightful photo you see above.

And boy does Bezos look happy—you would too if you were a billionaire! Money isn't everything, though, meaning there must be something else. That's where you come on. We want you to take those tablets in Bezos' hands and show us, dear friends, what's making Jeff Bezos smile? You can mess with the screens or replace the entire device; let your creativity go wild. And let's try to keep this at least mildly SFW.

Submissions will be graded on originality, technique, and laffs; you'll have from now until the end of the day this coming Tuesday, October 1 to submit your entry in Kinja down below. We'll announce the lucky winners that Wednesday. Until then, best of luck to you all.