Picard Is Coming This January, Here's Yet Another Fabulous Trailer

Picard’s still got it.
Picard’s still got it.
Image: CBS

Our favorite captain returns in winter.

As just revealed at the New York Comic Con Star Trek panel, Picard now has a release date and another thrilling, nostalgia-stoking new trailer. Years after his time at Starfleet, Picard is back in action, older, sadder, and probably even more impossibly wise.


The new trailer expands on the story details revealed in the last one, expanding on Picard’s dangerous journey away from the comforts of Starfleet’s power. It also begins with a dream(y) appearance by Data, and we get to see Riker! “I came here to find safety,” Picard says. “But no one’s ever safe from the past.”

The rest of the trailer fills in more on what we already know, confirming that Picard is indeed acting outside of Starfleet’s authorization and that this mystery woman, whoever she may be, is important, and needs Picard’s help. And if anyone is going to stand up for the values of Starfleet and good morals in general, it’s goshdanged Jean Luc Picard.

And, thank the stars(fleet), we finally have a release date for the series: January 23, 2020, on CBS All Access, or Amazon Prime Video if you’re in the UK. Let’s go to space, y’all.

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It appears they’ve done it — nostalgia finally done right! I’m tired of seeing my heroes turn into selfish shells of their former selves. From Kirk’s complacency in the Nexus, to Han’s abandonment of Leia, and especially Luke’s blue-milk fueled island self-imprisonment — the torchbearers of sci-fi legacies seem to think that’s what we want to see. While I’m sure Picard and the other Star Trek legends will have challenges to face, at least they’re not going to start out as shells being dug up from the sand.