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Pitchmen Returns for Season Two Sans Billy Mays

Illustration for article titled Pitchmen Returns for Season Two Sans Billy Mays

Pitchmen, the Discovery Channel reality series about infomercial pitchmen starring Anthony "Sully" Sullivan is returning next month, but without one key element: the late Billy Mays.


The first season of the show featured Sully and Mays traveling the country holding "pitch-a-thons" to give regular joe inventors a chance to get their product pitched and sold by the best.

How the show and Sully will handle the sudden death of Mays has yet to be seen, but the show definitely will have a huge hole to fill without that beautiful, bearded, blue-shirted man.

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Platypus Man

Yeah, I saw Sully took over a lot of Billy Mays's infomercial spots a few months ago... then I saw him doing a spot for one of those cash for gold services and lost a lot of respect.

You never would have seen Billy doing anything like that...

I never saw the show, but continuing it at this point seems almost disrespectful. It's not like the continued on The Crocodile Hunter after Steve Irwin died...