Mark Hamill sneaks up on Star Wars fans who think they’re auditioning for some Star Wars event. As the fans reenact the scene when Vader reveals he’s Luke’s father, Hamill comes in and does his best rendition of the “noooooooo!” It’s nice. People are startled, then elated. They were briefly deceived but they were able to meet a hero. And it all helps promote a charity drive for UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s foundation. You can donate some money and win lunch with Hamill or see The Last Jedi early. Good prank, good cause, look at me linking to it.


What you won’t find in this article is a link to Ross’ legal fund or an embed of his video. There are links if you insist on watching him commit a crime and subsequently get arrested for it. The arrest part is kind of funny.

[RossCreations via Reddit]