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Top 10 Ubuntu apps and tweaks
"I've been more than impressed with the number of great, full-featured applications available for Linux, many of which outshine their Windows counterparts."

  • How to triple-boot Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu
    "I wanted to try Ubuntu, but I'm didn't want to give up my Windows desktop or my Vista Beta installation, for that matter."
  • Roll back Windows with System Restore
    "You know how it goes: you're editing your registry, you're installing beta - ok, alpha - software, you're testing unstable applications and drivers all willy-nilly."
  • Rescue files with a boot CD
    "Few moments in computing are as heartbreaking as when you turn on your trusty PC only to receive that bone-chilling message: 'Boot sector corrupt. Config.sys missing. Disk cannot be read.'"

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