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This week at Lifehacker:

The art of keyword bookmarking in Firefox
"...use bookmark keywords not only for web searches, but to navigate to your favorite sites and inner pages, and even launch bookmarklets without moving to your mouse."

  • Protect your web searches
    "I had no idea somebody was looking over my shoulder."
  • Six ways to find reusable media
    "Step away from the cheesy clipart..."
  • Put your idle computer to work for you
    "You've heard of SETI@home, a screensaver that uses your idle computer's otherwise wasted CPU cycles to analyze telescope data in search of extraterrestrial life..."
  • Porn Private browsing roundup
    "...hate all the history, cookies, and incriminating whatnots hanging around your computer when you've finished 'browsing'? These tools can help."

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