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A meaty Thanksgiving download
"This year, we'll save you the trouble of chasing down half a dozen PC fix-it tools in the midst of your post-turkey coma."

  • Make your Mac's Speech Recognition work for you
    "Your Mac's built-in Speech Recognition tool doesn't do all that much out-of-the-box, it's really easy to create your own speakable actions for virtually any application."
  • Keep spam off your cell phone
    "If you've ever tried to retrieve personal e-mail using your phone, you know how excruciating it can be..."
  • How to free up space in Gmail
    "You'd think almost 3 gigabytes would be more than enough space to store your email, but for the last two weeks my Gmail account has hovered ominously above 95% of the allowed storage quota..."
  • Take better cameraphone photos
    "...here are some lessons I've learned for getting better photos from your cameraphone."
  • Set up and host a blog on your home computer
    "If you want to host your own blog, you can purchase a plan at a web hosting provider for a few bucks a month - or you can set it up on your home computer for free."
  • 8 Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro
    "The holidays are a perfect time to admit an ugly truth: You suck at making home movies."
  • One-click DVD rips
    "I've got no time to sit around clicking through dialogs to rip my DVDs, I've put together my very own one-click DVD ripping solution."

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