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How to run Windows and Mac apps side-by-side with Parallels
"You can intermingle all your Mac and Windows apps on the same desktop. I know what you're thinking: Disgusting! Unnatural!"

  • Video Editing 101
    "'Tis the season for sharing home movies—but don't try your friends' and relatives' patience waiting for something good to happen in the hours of tape you shot on vacation."
  • Visualize your hard drive usage
    "With video, music, photos and web clippings hogging up hard drives more and more each day, that "Low Disk Space" message may come a lot sooner than you ever expected. Where did all those gigabytes go?"
  • Download of the Day: New York Times Reader (Windows)
    "The New York Times Reader lets you download full editions of the NYT to your desktop where you can browse the contents offline in a very familiar newsprint format."
  • Lifehacker Book Preview, Chapter 5: Get Your Data To Go
    "Your data is your life. Secure, easy access to it—no matter where you are—is a must."
  • Ultimate DIY gamer's cabinet
    "Each level has one console, with lighted CPU fans built-in to either side of the shelf for ventilation and a futuristic look, and hangers for controllers on the side."

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