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Screenshot Tour: Microsoft Word and Excel 2007
"The 'productivity suite' everyone loves to hate - Microsoft Office - is coming out with a brand spankin' new version with Windows Vista later this month."

  • CDs vs. Downloads
    "The novelty of the 99-cent song has worn off. The ugly reality of Digital Rights Management (DRM) has settled in. The music-download revolution is over. It's time to go back to buying CDs."
  • Seven New Year's Resolutions for your PC
    "At the start of every new year, people the world over make resolutions to better themselves, with fitness, health, money, and career goals at the forefront of our minds. But what about your poor, neglected PC?"
  • How to replace a dead power supply
    "At least hard drives have the courtesy to make that wrenching death-rattle when the end is near."
  • Bolster your browsing privacy at work
    "...you can do your job well while getting in a little personal time with Sweet Lady Internet. Here are a few methods for adding a layer of privacy and freedom to your work browsing."
  • Install and run Ubuntu without disturbing Windows
    "Forget partitions, dual-boot setups and live CDs: The new Ubuntu Windows installer lets you run the Linux distro while keeping the rest of your system intact."
  • Windows Vista Tip: Take screenshots with the Snipping Tool
    "One of the nicer utilities built into Windows Vista is the Snipping Tool, a screengrab application that blows the doors off Windows XP's measly Alt-PrintScreen and Mac OS X's Grab."
  • Convert video to any format with Hey!Watch
    "...upload videos from your hard drive or online video sites like YouTube, then encode said videos to nearly any format on the planet, including pretty much anything you might need for a portable device."
  • "Perooz" mobile magazines on your iPod, Zune or other mobile device
    "Want to read Car & Driver on your Palm Treo? How about Maxim on your Sony PSP? Perooz offers these and other magazines for these and other mobile devices."



indeed, CD's are better than downloaded music....except so many new CD's now come packed up with DRM too. And rootkits. DRM has turned us away from downloaded music. CD's are looking less attractive too. Soon we'll be pushed back to using cassette tapes, and then records.

Personally, if a CD is going to be DRM'ed in any way, I think they should be forced to print on the cover of the CD (on the front, with text at least 1/8" tall) a list of exactly what fair uses they've tried to disable. This should be clearly visible before buying. Not just some fine print on the back...but so even my Grandma would take notice. I think then we'd see exactly what DRM consumers are willing to put up with when the DRM'd CD sales drop through the floor.