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Eight killer Thunderbird extensions
"Thunderbird's pluggable interface lets developers freely build extensions to make it ever more useful. And ever more useful do a few key extensions make it."

  • Screenshot Tour: Tweaking Launchy
    "Check out the photo gallery for a quick look at Launchy's attractive skins and more detailed view of Launchy's small but useful feature set."
  • Back up Gmail with fetchmail
    "...set up a nightly automated Gmail backup using the command line program fetchmail, which will go out, grab your newest messages, save 'em to your hard drive and exit, all while you sleep soundly in the knowledge that you've got an offline copy of your important email."
  • Copy DVDs to your iPod
    "With free software and this tutorial, you can copy almost any DVD in your library to your iPod for on-the-go viewing."
  • Back up and sync your Firefox bookmarks with your personal server
    "... use the Foxmarks extension to back up and sync your bookmarks to your own personal FTP server, whether it's with a hosted account or your own home server."
  • Create your master feed with Yahoo! Pipes
    "Instead of going here, there and everywhere to see all the content you create on the web, combine it all into one master feed using with the newly-launched Yahoo! Pipes."
  • Screenshot Tour: Learn everything about your PC with SIW
    "If you've ever lost a web password or software license; needed to troubleshoot a hardware problem on your computer but have no idea what model of motherboard you have or what BIOS you're running; or wanted to take a closer look at what kind of activity your network is open to, there's a catchall application for you, and it's called System Information for Windows."
  • Encrypt your web browsing session (with an SSH SOCKS proxy)
    "Using a simple SSH command, you can encrypt all your web browsing traffic and redirect it through a trusted computer when you're on someone else's network."
  • Add music and movies to your iPod from any computer without iTunes
    "...free yourself from the one computer, one music library shackles of iTunes using alternative software for managing the iPod."



The fetchmail post is too complicated to be a "best of"