The Perfect Alarm Clock Orders Pizza and Counts Down Its Arrival

It turns out we’ve all been looking for the wrong features in the perfect alarm clock. Smartphone connectivity? An oversized snooze button? These stop being important once you realize someone has created an alarm clock that can not only be used to order a pizza, it can also count down its arrival at your door.


PizzaTime, hacked together by the geniuses at Artefact Group, cares not about what time you need to get up in the morning. Instead, the poster child for why the internet of things is actually important, uses the Domino’s Pizza Tracker API and some clever hardware hacking to add pizza ordering functionality to an alarm clock using a rotating knob on top.

Setup requires users to input their credit card and address info ahead of time, as well as specify the toppings for a couple of their favorite go-to pizzas. But when that’s all done, ordering dinner, or even breakfast, is as easy as spinning the knob, making a selection, and then placing your order.

But the PizzaTime alarm clock then goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing a mostly accurate countdown clock of how long it takes for your pizza to be made, and how long it will take for it to be delivered. It takes the mystery out of that agonizing wait, and also gives you a heads up of when it’s time to change out of your bathrobe and into real clothes so you can pay the delivery person.

[Artefact Group via PSFK]


Very Little Gravitas Indeed

Props to Domino for providing a fricken’ pizza tracker API. But.. Still not going for chain pizza. Can’t wait until it becomes standard enough that those crappy food service web design joints are offering tracker APIs for all the little local shops.