Humanity is doomed - Behold the Terminator Robocop!

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Part cop. Part time travelling human killing machine. 100% ridiculously brilliant.


This custom 7" figure is from John Mallamas, aka Toy customiser Jin Satome, and riffs off of the old Robocop vs. The Terminator video game for the Sega Genesis and SNES back in 1992.

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It's a pretty simple custom - Mallamas hollowed out a NECA Robocop figure's helmet, and slotted in the Terminator's head. Hey presto, T-800-Cop! Mallamas went a step further though and modified the figure to use the Terminator's hands as well as the original Robocop hands, so they could use wield the accessories that came with the original Robocop toy - and then painted the whole damned thing to emulate the colours of Robocop in the original game's limited colour palette, giving him cool purple shadows and detailing.

Fortunately, Mallamas isn't keeping this wonderful toy to himself - he's currently auctioning it on eBay, where it's going for a whopping $154 as of writing. That's mightily impressive, but then again, who wouldn't want such a cool toy? Insert your 'I'll buy that for a dollar!' joke here.

[Jin Satome via Technabob]

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Pull the cord in his back and he says:

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me if you want to live."