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Put a Giant Condom On Your Bed

Illustration for article titled Put a Giant Condom On Your Bed

I never realized we were such pillow fans: iPhone icon pillows, pillow blankets, TV pattern pillows, laptop pillows, pillow rings, extra-terrestrial pillows, wiimote pillows... it never stops. Until now. Here's the pillow to rule them all: The Condom Pillow.


Hand silk-screened, the Condom Pillow has a small pocket to put real condoms inside. Genius? I think so. It's a great reminder, in any case. You don't really want to have to use the undo pillows one day. [Etsy]


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While this seems like a handy idea on the surface; you're not even supposed to put rubbers in your wallet or pockets because they can become damaged.

Plus the "crinkle-crinkle" noise of the wrapper would drive me insane. This is what dresser-drawers were invented for.