The Nikon D800 is arguably the best camera you can buy. Its 36-megapixel sensor re-opened the conversation about megapixels, and in terms of raw image quality, the D800 is second to none. Roberts Camera (via eBay) has the manufacturer refurbished D800 for $2000 today. That's at least $800 off a new model, and comes with a quality warranty and free shipping. Gizmodo called it "... as close as you're going to get to an essential upgrade" for serious Nikon shooters, and it's the only camera on Camera Rocket (my favorite DSLR comparison tool) to receive a perfect score for image quality. We don't often lead with such a high-end item, but we've noticed a lot of interest in photography on Dealzmodo recently, and this is an amazing opportunity for the serious photographers among you to save a huge amount of money on the very best gear. [eBay]

If you're more in the market for something that fits in your pocket, here's the Sony RX100 for $538, around $20 less than our previous deal of the day price on it. [eBay]

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