Quirky's Ohm Bluetooth Speaker Charges Wirelessly So It's Always Ready

Portable Bluetooth speakers are awesome and convenient until, inevitably, you want to take yours somewhere and it's out of batteries. This new speaker from Quirky is less likely to suffer this indignity because it charges wirelessly.

On the surface, the $170 Ohm is a pretty standard Bluetooth speaker block that allows you to play music wirelessly. What sets it apart is that the Ohm doesn't need any wires at all because it comes with an inductive wireless charging station. In addition to powering up your Qi-enabled gadgets, the speaker itself also charges wirelessly. According to the spec, you get 6-8 hours of of playback on a single refill.


This is pretty brilliant, actually, and makes the speaker way more useful, especially if you're the type of person who forgets to plug in your gadgets every time you use them. In this case, just drop the Ohm back on the charging station when you're done with it, and it'll be all juiced up the next time you want to move the party from your bedroom to the kitchen. [Quirky]

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