Rapper Flo Rida—who you may know from such places as Samsung TV events, clubs that can't even handle him right now, and NBA Finals games he is kind of not invited to—is selling some weird DJ toy called Beamz® By Flo. From what we can tell from watching this video advertisement three times, it plays from a selection of pre-programmed songs when you strum some red lasers.

Beamz® works with an iOS or Mac app. Otherwise, I dunno? It has a bunch of different lasers that represent various sounds and respond to your cool hand jives and waves to make bleeps and bloops over hit songs. We think. Here's what we could parse from the ad:

  • Beamz® By Flo is for people who have dreamed of being a star.
  • Beamz® By Flo uses FDA-approved laser lights.
  • Beamz® By Flo lets you live your dream of being a star.
  • Beamz® By Flo has five U.S. patents
  • Beamz® By Flo lets you play hundreds of different instruments and sound effects.
  • Beamz® By Flo plays rock, pop, hip hop, classical, or any kind of music that moves you.
  • Beamz® By Flo requires no skill or experience.
  • Beamz® By Flo fulfills your dreams of being a star.
  • Beamz® By Flo is available to try risk-free* for 30 days.

Who wants to try Flo Rida's Beam®? The future of music is here, apparently. [BeamzbyFlo.com, Thanks, PJ!]

*Plus $19.95 shipping and handling