Ratatouille: The Musical Is a Full-Length TikTok Extravaganza, and It Just Raised $1 Million for Charity

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From Ratatouille.
From Ratatouille.
Image: Disney/Pixar

Remy the Rat has had his musical debut, and it’s fantastic—and lucrative.

Okay, uh, let me explain as best I can: in the past few months, a group of TikTok creators and musicians have banded together around a striking and mildly hilarious task: to build a full-length musical based on the Disney and Pixar film Ratatouille. You know, the one with the rat who can cook delicious food. And on New Year’s Day, it happened: a 40-minute musical extravaganza, starring famous musical stars like Titus Burgess, Andrew Barth Feldman, Ashley Park, and Wayne Brady, that adapts the plot of Ratatouille. Produced by Seaview Productions alongside a whole host of TikTok creators, the musical was adapted by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley, choreographed by Ellenore Scott, and directed by Lucy Moss.

The musical seems to be the height of quarantine-era creativity, using social media to turn a meme into a lavish, beautiful production. Tituss Burgess plays Remy, with Andrew Barth Feldman playing Linguini, the human Remy uses to cook his delightful dishes.


Also: as shared by the Hollywood Reporter, it raised $1 million for The Actors Fund, which is pretty damn impressive. If you missed the premiere event on the 1st, you can watch it on demand by buying a ticket here. You might want to make a snack first, though. This is liable to make you hungry.

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