Real-Life Laser-Shooting Goggles Turn You Into Cyclops

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Who's your favorite X-Person? If it's Cyclops, a) that's lame, but also b) you're in luck! Spice up your lonely bathroom-mirror cosplay with a pair of real-life laser goggles that can set paper on fire and pop black balloons!

Creator AnselmoFanZero really sums it up when he describes his project as "insanely stupid and dangerous" but damned if we don't want to try one. This hacked-together version of the Cyclops visor—OK, actually a "hacked-together thing the emulates the effect of Cyclops' power while technically being an inverse of its fictional counterpart which selectively blocks eye-lasers instead of generating them"—is a little DIY-lookin, sure, but it also has some improvements; it's wink-activated and ready for hands-free use.

Of course you can't actually get your hands on this or buy one, thanks to the aforementioned danger factor (never a great idea to put lasers so close to your eyeballs). But if you're really desperate you could always try to find some nuclear waste and roll the dice with mutation. Or it's just the looking dumb part that you're into, there's always Google Glass. [AnselmoFanZero]