The Best Free Apps in Apple's App Store Anniversary Fire Sale

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There have been plenty of App Store sales before, some of them quite extensive. But Apple's never offered discounts of this magnitude before. Some of the best—and most expensive—games and apps you can find on iOS are free today, presumably in honor of the App Store's five-year anniversary. Here are the ones you need to download first.

All of the following apps are normally at least a few bucks, and some—like Traktor DJ—are as much as $20. We'll keep updating if more apps join the ranks of the free, but for now, happy clicking:


Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery (was $5)

Infinity Blade II (was $7)

Badland (was $4)

Tiny Wings HD (was $3)


Traktor DJ HD (was $20)

How to Cook Everything (was $10)

Barefoot World Atlas (was $5)

Day One (was $5)

Over (was $2)

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Chip Skylark of Space

Really? Everything? How 'bout squirrel? I'm a big Jennifer Lawrence fan.