This John Constantine Fan film is as good as the TV show

Constantine's transition to NBC has gotten off to a pretty good start, but man, this fan film captures the tone of the Hellblazer comics so well that it can easily rival the show, at a fraction of the cost. Warning: There's some decidedly NSFW language throughout, so be careful where you're watching!


The Soul Play, by the creative youtubers over at Waking Dream Studios is set shortly after the end of the Vertigo comics, and sees Constantine crash the poker game of a few lower demons in an attempt to get back some ill-gotten souls (and play a few hands of poker in the process). Sure, it shows its budget in places - even then the prosthetic work on the demons is really well done - but the vibe the team deliver over the 12 minutes is pitch-perfect for Constantine in a way the show probably can't be. Bonus points for correctly pronouncing 'Constantine' as Constan-tyne unlike the Constan-teen of the show, too!

[H/T to Blackoak, via The Daily POP]

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Pan of Steel

really good. Accent's ok, but needs more of a Liverpool kick. In my head, Constantine sounds like David Morrisey.